3.  How do painters sign up for a fundraising event?

Interested painters will sign up and pre-pay on our website, or they can contact us directly to mail in a check. 

Non-profits will receive copies of confirmation e-mails we send out as painters sign up. Non-profits can also contact us at any time to determine how many painters have signed up.

Non-Profit Organizations

1. Our Goals

Our goals at SmARTee Paints are simple. We want to bring the joy of art to people who may not realize they can paint. We also want to give back to our community's non-profit organizations through our fundraising program.  We will work with up to one non-profit organization each month to host a fundraising program.

4.  What do we do?

We prepare a digital copy of the announcement flyer for the non-profit to distribute electronically or print/mail.  We will teach up to two painting party classes on an agreed upon date, based on the # of interested painters.  

There must be at least ten painters for a non-profit to host a fundraiser.  Once a non-profit fills one class, they can request one more to be held on the same day.We will provide all art supplies for up to 30 painters per class.  Each painter will pay the normal cost for the class (typically $35 or $45) and we will donate up to $10to the non-profit for each painter. The donation amount is based on the # of painters per class.  

5.  What is the expected benefit?

A non-profit will receive $5 from us for each painter if a class includes 10 to 14 painters (up to $70).  If there are 15 to 19 painters in a class, the non-profit will receive $7 from us for each painter (up to $133).  If there are 20 to 30 painters in a class, the non-profit will receive $10 from us for each painter (up to $300). And if two classes are filled with 30 painters in each class, we will write a check for $600 at the end of the day!  If your non-profit is interested in our fundraising program, please contact us.

2.  What do non-profit organizations do?

Non-profits will contact us and identify their event as a potential fundraiser.  Once we determine we can partner with the non-profit on the fundraiser, the non-profit will have minimal responsibility.  They will provide the location for their fundraiser, and tables and chairs for up to 30 people. They will also advertise the fundraiser to fill the class or classes they are hosting.  Additionally, they will provide one person to assist with set-up/take-down of the party supplies.